AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineers)

AME – Aircraft Maintenance Engineers – One of the most exciting careers among the new age generation today.  jobs in aviation industry specially AEM now a days considered as hot jobs in the market.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are employed throughout the aviation industry in a wide range of facilities designed to maintain light and large commercial aircrafts. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers inspect, maintain and repair airframe structures, engines, electronic and avionic systems. The work is diverse, disciplined and highly regulated, both nationally and internationally. The aviation industry uses advanced technology and new aircraft, which with their increasing reliance on computerised flight control and aircraft management systems, means that the use of electronic and computer equipment is an important aspect of an aircraft mechanic’s skills.

An AME is a person authorized to maintain and certify fitness and airworthiness of an aircraft. To undertake such kind of maintenance work on any aircraft an AME is issued licenses by the DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF CIVIL AVIATION (DGCA) Govt. of India.

An AME is a key position in engineering discipline of any aviation organization and by virtue of huge big responsibilities involved in maintenance of aircraft, the position is considered to be very vital, drawing excellent pay and perks and facilities. A rational career progression is ensured for an AME, who in the long run assumes very high positions like Chief Manager (Maintenance), Chief Manager (Quality Control) and General Manager etc., in the managerial hierarchy and can finally become head of the engineering.

To be eligible for grant of such licenses an AME aspirant should have undergone requisite training in mechanical/avionic streams.

The entry level qualification for admission into training school is 10+2 with an aggregate of 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics  or a Diploma in related branch. The age of the candidate should be not less than 17 years. The training entitles the candidate to appear for AME licence examination conducted by DGCA.

There is also provision available to appear for DGCA examinations without undergoing the above stated training by enrolling himself/herself as an apprentice in any of the DGCA approved aviation maintenance organization. But the eligibility requirements are same as in training schools. However, it is always advisable for a fresher to undergo the theoretical as well as practical training imparted from a DGCA approved training school only, to acquire basic knowledge and necessary skills in order to qualify for DGCA’s AME licence examinations.

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