India has a capability to make large aircrafts: Boeing

India has a capability to make large aircrafts

According to the Boeing is the largest aircraft manufacturing company India has a capability & potential to make large aircraft.  It is very much possible for large airplanes to be manufactured in India. The basic requirements to make large aircraft are capital, skills and infrastructure.

It will take a long time because requirements are huge for capital, skills and infrastructure, top aircraft maker Boeing has said.

“Make in India” programme of government of India has become a major initiative for the foreign investors and every company wanted to be associated with it because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal involvement in this initiative.

According to the Senior Boeing executive Dinesh Keskar, the country and companies need to develop skill-set and other necessary requirements to get to a stage of making large planes.

Today, there are only two companies, Boeing and Airbus, who know how to do this. Others are making smaller planes. So, money, skills and facilities are the three things we need.”

According them India has money & workforce, but no Indian firm has so far decided to do it.

Rival Airbus India Managing Director Srinivasan Dwarkanath also said it was very much possible for India to manufacture large planes over the years.

It can certainly happen in India. We have enough people to do it,” he said, while giving examples of Tatas and Mahindras who are doing a lot in the aerospace sector with their own Make in India initiatives.

Indian already doing lots of work in aircraft manufacturing. Indian is already in design and development many parts of aircrafts.

In this way India has potential and capability to make large aircrafts. In next year’s India will make large aircrafts and will show large career in Indian aviation industry.

Impact on career in aviation:

  • India is going to make large aircraft it will require hues skilled processional.
  • For make a aircraft it requires Aeronautical Engineers, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and hues technicians.
  • It has more than 25% growth in aviation it will generate lots of jobs in Indian aviation industry.
  • Career in aviation is hottest career and jobs in India.


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